What's my home worth?

Wondering what's my home worth? If you're thinking about selling an apartment in NYC, you may want to know. Get a home valuation calculated by a person, not an algorithm, for a real picture of what your home is worth.

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wondering what my home is worth

What's my home worth FAQ

How long does it take to sell a NYC home?

The average list time ranges from 80 to 110 days. If priced correctly, the list-to-contract time could be much lower, which is why having an expert who knows the market can save you time and money. This is especially important in luxury and new development units which require more work to sell quickly. That's why its especially important to know what your home is worth now.

Why do I need a human to find out what my home's worth?

We’re all about getting things done fast — and easy. And those online home value algorithms are both of those things. But are they accurate? We recommend home owners take these valuations with a grain of salt. A real estate expert, like Loftey’s agents, will be able to give you a much better estimate of the current market value of your New York City apartment should you sell. They will look at similar apartments that sold recently and take into consideration other factors like views and renovations and even the way pricing changes as you go from one side of a block to the other. That kind of valuation takes deep knowledge, experience and all-too-human intuition.

What is comparitive analysis in New York City real estate?

An experienced agent will start with a comparative market analysis, or CMA, if you want to know the jargon. Your New York City real estate broker will put together similar — or comparative — properties, known as comps to get to a starting point for your home’s value. Then they will take into consideration other factors including seasonal market changes, current conditions, the home’s amenities and more. It’s a complex and nuanced process that’s critical to getting the most value for your home.

What’s Loftey’s real estate valuation process?

Every home and every homeowner is unique, so we like to start our real estate valuations with a one-on-one consultation. Then we look at a comparative analysis and use additional considerations to provide you with accurate pricing. We also will provide you with recommended time for selling your home and a comprehensive action plan to list. We will also be available to help you buy your new home and advise you on the best course or action.

Why should I choose Loftey real estate?

As your real estate representative, our loyalty is to you. So when it comes to selling or buying your new home, you can be sure we have your best interests at heart. We will be by your side to help simplify and demystify a complex process. With deep experience, we can make the home buying experience as stress-free as possible. Extensive negotiating skills ensure you get the most for your money. Loftey has relationships with accountants, lawyers, contractors, appraisers, and more which we can leverage to save you money. Born and raised in NYC, Loftey has a proven track record: thousands of successful transactions since 2015. We pride ourselves on trust, transparency and a new approach to real estate. That means we work together as a team to sell your home using our resources and network in the most optimal way. Our belief is that finding a new home shouldn’t be stressful, hard and confusing. Let us show you the Loftey Way.

Is now a good time to sell my New York home?

There is no perfect time to sell, however, we expect prices may increase soon as interest rates may drop. What you're home is worth now may be different than tomorrow. There are factors that go into every decision on when is best to sell: the time of year, market outlook, condition of the unit, staging requirements, and more. That said, New York is one of the most global markets in the world with strong demand in all seasons.